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About City Imports LLC

City Imports LLC is a small family-owned car dealership based in Pompano Bch, Fl. We LOVE cars and that is why we are in this business! The First Rule at City Imports LLC is the Golden Rule - to treat others as we would want to be treated. We’ve been on the other side, shopping for that “perfect” car. We know it’s not an easy task and there are many choices out there. Here are just a few things that make City Imports LLC different from buying a car from just any ordinary car dealer.

1. We Hand Pick Every Vehicle! We don't just buy cars to build the inventory. Each purchase has to make sense economically, and has to meet all of our requirements. Those requirements include, but are not limited to: History - where has this car been and does it have a good vehicle history report? Physical & mechanical condition - Was it well taken care of, or was it just transportation? We do not dismiss a nice car, simply because it has a repainted panel while everything else is perfect. The result of our complete review - combined with the emotional impact of the "right" car - is what makes our vehicles worth owning. Major dealerships must "turn" units to cover their high fixed costs every month. But not here! A small overhead like ours translates into more savings passed on to you, the customer!

2. Everything Gets Driven! And more than around the block. The only way that you can really tell what's up with a car is by Driving It! And that means hot, cold, wet, dry, short trips and long ones. At City Imports LLC, you can be assured that I have been behind the wheel of every car sold. This is the way we know what works, what needs to be serviced, cleaned or replaced. Most large dealers just rinse their cars off, spray some air freshener, put a sticker in the window, and off they go. Don't you want more information than that? Sure you do!

3. Every Car Must Look And Drive The Best That It Can. That's why we fix just about everything. Your car will have the right manuals and keys that it should. If they are available to me, I will chase them down. I will obtain every bit of documentation that I can and pass it on to you. I take great pride in my customers and friends driving cars that are several years old, and others stopping to pay them a complement on their "new" car.

4. References & Referrals. Check out our "Testimonials" page. When you realize the experience that our customers have enjoyed here, you will feel comfortable too. We have several customers whom I have never met in person. They get referred by others who know that I always "under-promise" and "over-deliver". I sleep very well at night, knowing we have done our best to make you happy.

5. Everything at City Imports LLC makes economic sense. Let others take the huge depreciation on the brand new cars! Whether it's a $50,000 car, or a $1,000 car, we want to make sure it makes sense. That is, can you drive it, enjoy it, and stay reasonably liquid in it? Can you afford the regular maintenance and the fuel pump? We always encourage our customers to think about when it might be time to trade to another vehicle. That's smart car buying. Have you ever heard any major car dealer tell you that? Neither have I!

6. We Don't Set Ridiculously High Asking Prices Just to Drop it for a Phony Discount. We do our best to set a realistic price from the beginning and to be very reasonable with the customer’s unique situations. If a dealer gives you a price - and then is ready to sell that car for thousands less - what does that tell you? They are trying to take advantage of you, if you will let them. We do our best to set reasonable prices based on the current market and the condition of the vehicle, and we let you know why that price is realistic. The same goes for your trade.

7. No Major “Add On” Charges or Crazy "Dealer" Fees. Those high fees could be a deal breaker for you. You think you’re happy with the price you just agreed on and then comes the big surprise when you start signing the paperwork. Not with us! We only charge a nominal paperwork fee to cover our cost, it's not even noticeable. But we do it right the first time and make sure it’s hassle free for you.

8. All the cars we sell have a CLEAN Title. No stories to tell, no surprises to worry about. We never carry any salvage or branded title cars. The majority of our vehicles are Florida pre-owned and we steer clear of any questionable vehicles.

9. Purchasing from City Imports LLC is Fun! Buying a car, especially one of our type, shouldn't be a chore. It should be a great and happy occasion! We always do our best to make the process enjoyable and memorable, even if you're just visiting out town for an hour or so. We also have great camaraderie among our owners, vendors and friends, and want you to be a part of it. Who wants to spend thousands of dollars and not even enjoy it?!

10. Peace of Mind. Once you have purchased a vehicle from us, should you experience any problems with it, you are more than welcome to give Sam a call and schedule an appointment to have the car inspected. This is not a warranty (all our cars are sold AS-IS, unless noted otherwise), but more of a guarantee that we will work with you to the best of our ability to have the problem resolved. We DO inspect all of our vehicles, but a used car will likely need more upkeep and problems could come up at any time. It might be a simple maintenance or even a loose gas cap but we’re always happy to help to the best of our ability and share our knowledge with you.

Remember - there are "people in the car business" and then there are "car people". You want the latter - the kind of person who loves the sound, smell and beauty of a fine automobile, in the kind of condition it deserves to be in. That's us!

We are also happy to aid in your search for the right car. As information has expanded over the last decade, it is now easier and faster to find the special car you are looking for. We know what is “right” and “wrong”, and can give you honest and accurate information to make your search an easier task.

Most people just don’t know any other way but to turn to the major car lot where you may find average cars with very little information offered, or to an individual who usually cannot provide you with much choice or the knowledge that we present you with. We insure that you’ll buy the vehicle with clean title and all of the proper paperwork. If you are a smart buyer, you can own a car that will give you many miles of pleasure and satisfaction, and it could all be at a cost that will put a smile on your face.

Car buying could be a stressful and time-consuming task but when you come to City Imports LLC you can be at ease.